Parochial Church Meetings

We are in the process of arranging Parochial Church Meetings and the dates will be published shortly. Please plan to attend these important and informative annual meetings for your parish.

The Meeting of Parishioners elects the churchwardens of the parish.  It is open to:
(i) all residents of the parish who are listed as such on a register of local government electors, and
(ii) non-residents whose names are on the Church Electoral Roll for the parish.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting immediately following the Meeting of Parishioners is open to all members of the Church Electoral Roll for the parish.  The meeting:
i) chooses representatives for the parish in church councils and synods; and
ii) receives the annual accounts of the Parochial Church Council and reviews the life and work of the local church over the preceding year. 

Election to the Deanery Synod is for a three- year term and entitles you an ex-officio place on the PCC.  The forms below are for people to complete prior to the elections.