projector bookings

Netherexe Mission Community Projector

The Mission Community [MC] has a projector that is available for use at services and others events organised by, or on behalf of a MC church.  Regrettably, due to insurance restrictions we are unable to lend the projector for use by others external to the MC, unless it is related to MC or church business.

To book the projector please first check whether it is available on the dates you require it by referring to the diary below.

If the projector is available please contact Margaret Lowe our Administration Manager by telephone 07594 714590 [Tues & Thurs 08:30 -16:30] or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will need to supply details of your name and contact telephone number [which will be inserted into the diary so these will be in the public domain] the date you wish to collect the projector and the date you will return the projector. 

Margaret will confirm the booking for you by entering it in to the on-line diary and then advise you how and where to collect the projector.  You are requested to return the projector promptly after use, or cancel any bookings if the projector is no longer required, so that others may use it.  If you have any queries please contact Margaret using the telephone number or email address detailed above.