Admin diary

  • Optimising site performance

    Optimising site performance

    We are using the WP-Optimise plugin (free version) to improve the performance of the site. It provides tools for the following purposes: to clean the database; to compress images; and to cache pages and posts. To clean the database. The tool clears out unnecessary data, cleans up the database tables and retrieves space lost to […]

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  • Backup


    I have installed the UpdraftPlus plugin (free version). This allows us to schedule an automatic backup of the entire website including its database and to have the backup files saved to a remote location. It also allows us to use those files to restore some or all of the site. The backup runs daily at […]

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  • Staff List

    Staff List

    Documentation Here is a link to the Staff List Pro documentation. Sort order On the WordPress admin dashboard, in Staff List Pro | Staff Templates | Netherexe Parishes | Staff Order there is a selectable Sort Option. This has choices including ‘Manual’ and ‘Sort Text Field’. Selecting ‘Manual’ allows you to arrange the order in […]

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  • Privacy


    A new page has been added to the site setting out: the information we collect from users of the site; what cookies are set; the user’s data protection rights; and how to complain about a privacy matter relating to the site.

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  • Calendar permissions

    Calendar permissions

    My posting here outlines the main features of the calendar. The table below shows what permissions the various types of user have to view and manage events in the calendar.

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  • Accessibility


    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community which develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. They publish Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These are based on the four principles outlined below with links to the relevant W3C guidelines. Perceivable: Information and user interface components must be presentable to users […]

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  • The calendar

    The calendar

    Our calendar functionality is provided by the My Calendar WordPress plugin. To add or edit an event, you must be logged-in to the website and your user account must have the required permissions. To add an event, go to the top of a page and click on My Calendar > Add Event. Then enter the […]

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  • Website users

    Website users

    Anyone browsing the website will be able to read all content that is ‘public’. People who login to the website will also be able to see content that is ‘password protected’. What a logged in user can do with that content will depend on the permission level of his or her user account. Subscriber: can […]

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  • Visibility of content

    Visibility of content

    WordPress allows us to control who can see the content of posts and pages. By default, all posts and pages are Public, ie visible. But a post or page can be set to Password Protected or Private. Password Protected content is not immediately visible to the outside world; it is accessible only by people who […]

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  • New site under construction

    New site under construction

    An instance of WordPress has been setup in our webspace. This is where the new website will physically be located. When it is ready to go live, we will point the domain to that WordPress site instead of to the current website. I have begun to build the framework of the website. This includes […]

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